Fall 2016

Advances in Medicine for Older Adults
Candle or Mirror: The Fiction of Edith Wharton
Charles DIckens: Novels and Films
Contemporary Business and Economic Issues
Cuba in Revolution
From Real Life to Stag Life: Dialects and Acting
Geographical Links: The Geography of Tourism
Greek Plays of the Stag: The Oresteia
Identity Politics and the 2016 Presidential Election
Issues for the Modern Judiciary
Latin American Short Stories
Lesser-Known Italian Operas
Outsider Art
Quirky Shorts: Contemporary American Short Stories
Religion Copes with Disaster: The Case of Judaism
Science in the News
Shakespearean Romance
Swann's Way: Beginning the Search for Lost TIme
The Death of Impressionism
The Quiet American(s):
The CIA in Fact and FIction, from 1947 - 1966
Topics in Bioethics
Understanding Islam: Essence and Practice
What Is Time? An Overview

Witty and Imaginative 20th Century English Novels

Fall 2015

Advances in Medicine for Older  Adults
Amazing Artistic Life of Birds
Ancient Jews and Greeks: Conflict and Synthesis
Challenges facing 21st Century Capitalism
Chekhov, Off the Page
Contemporary Business and Economic Issues
Early Joyce
Geographical Links: Great River Basins
Holy and Wise Fools in Literature
Issues Confronting the Modern Judiciary
Klezmer: Past, Present, and Future
Mexican Short Stories
Modernism and How it Got that Way
Murderous New Jersey
Recent Nobel Prize Winners in Literature
Recognizing Randomness
Religious Freedom, Sexism and Homophobia
Scenes from Shakespeare
Science News
Speech Styles: From Real Life to Stage Life
What is Time? An Overview
What’s So Great About Art?
Witty and Subversive Twentieth Century English Novels


Sping 2015

America in the 1970s
Anna Karenina
Art and Craft of Poetry
Art as the Mirror of Cultural Upheaval
Brahms: Choral and Symphonic Music*
Chaucer: The Prologue
Chinese Culture
Curiouser and Curiouser: 150 Years of Alice
Devils, Demons, and the Supernatural in Opera
Dilemmas of the Atomic Age
Faiths of the Founding Fathers
Far East beyond the Headlines
Geographical Links: Geographical Curiosities
Great Decisions 2015
Learning to Understand and Like Contemporary Art
Mechanisms of Diseases and the Drugs Used to Treat Them
Princeton: Past and Present
Science in the News
Shakespeare off the Page
Topics in Human Evolution
What’s Safe to Eat? Do Not Worry!
Whose Law? Legality vs. Morality in Literature
Woody Allen: Light and Dark

Fall 2014

The Amazing Avian Artists
The Campaign Trail? 2014 Challenges of the Future
Contemporary Business and Economic Issues
Downton Abbey and Beyond: British Fiction
Fatal Attractions in Literature
Geographical Links
James Joyce’s Ulysses
The Jews and the Roman Empire
Klezmer Roots and Klezmer Toots
Lives of Girls and Women: Alice Munro
Me Truly: Writing Your Personal Story
Science in the News
Shakespeare off the Page
Supreme Court Justice
Tin Pan Alley, 1900-1950
Tracking the Tigers:
Princeton University Architecture
Women, Money, and Power in American Society
Woody Allen: Light and Dark


Spring 2014

America in the 1960's
Biblical Women from a Cultural Perspective
Challenges of the Future
Chinese Civilization
Conspicuous Proponents: Martyrs for Religion
The Dark Side of Enlightenment
The Films of the Angry Young Men
Great Decisions 2014
Ishiguru and Murakami: Two Postwar Japanese Novelists
Little Engines, Purple Crayons, and Big, Bad Wolves: Why Children's Books Endure
Much More Shakespeare Off the Page
The Novels of Edith Wharton
Reading and Writing Poetry
Recognizing Randomness
Russian History Through the Eyes of the Artist
Science in the News
Scientists Against Time-The Role of Allied Scientists in WWII
Three Ancient Cultures: Greco/Roman, Chinese, Ancient American
Topics in Cosmology-The Dark Universe
What's So Great About Art?

Fall 2013

Law, Gay Rights, and the Struggle for Social Change
The Elegance of French Opera
Contemporary Business and Economic Issues
Are we Alone in the Universe?
The World of Downton Abbey: Six British Novelists (1910-1925)
What is Safe to Eat? Debunking the Myths
Women in American Politics
A View of the America from Tin Pan Alley
Lives of Girls and Women: Teh Fiction of Alice Munro
Angry Young Men ( and One Bemused Women)
1913 and the Armory Show
"Wonderful Town"
Geographical Links: Explorers
Two Great Russians Off the Page
Who is Afraid of New Music?
Confronting Evil in Four Classic Short Novels
Science in the News
Two Shakespeare Comedies


Spring 2013

Japanese Art
Great Decisions
The Fifties
William Trevor
Princeton Architecture
History of the Book
Zora Neale Hurston
China 2
Women in American Religions
Geographical Curiosities
American Nature Writing
Shakespeare Off the Page
Science in the News
Notable Artists

Fall 2012

Opera Potpourri
Othello Live!
Energy and the Environment
Recent Decisions of the US Supreme Court
James Joyce’s Ulysses
Women’s Rights Revisited
American Musical Theater
The Unreliable Narrator
The Arts and Crafts Movement
5000 Years of Chinese History and Culture
The Brontes
Psychology: Minds and Bodies
Encountering Kafka
Trial by Movie
Global Political Economy
More Plays Off the Page: Plays About Theater
On the Campaign Trail 2012
The Novels of Charles Dickens
Science in the News

Spring 2012

Great Decisions 2012
The United States Constitution
Living Islam
A Christian America -Who Decides?
The History of Modern China - Part 2
Moby Dick
Jews and Christians in Debate
Treasures of Early Music
The Novels of E. M. Forster
More Shakespeare Off the Page
Collected Stories of Isaac Bashevis Singer
Geographical Links: Changes Over Time
Science Tuesday on Friday
The Discerning Eye
Modern Cosmology


Fall 2011

The Operas Of Gaetano Donizetti
American Musical Theatre, 1920-1943
Exploring Princeton Architecture
Tribute, Ode, And Elegy: Poetry And Prose
The Book Of Exodus: Contemporary Perspectives
Predicting Decisions Of The US Supreme Court
The Anti-Communist Manifestos
Jane Austen: A Celebration
5000 Years Of Chinese History And Culture
Literature Of The Caribbean
Early Joyce
Geographical Links: Changes Over Time
American Regional Writers: Cather and Faulkner
Some Irish Plays Off The Page
The Arts And Crafts Movement
Lives On Film: “Bio-Pics” From World War II
Science Tuesday On Friday
Truth With Consequences: Greek Tragedies

Spring 2011

Latin American Literature
Great Decisions 2011
Japanese Lacquer, Woodblock Prints
Long Poem, Short Story
Ivan Turgenev
Biblical Women in Cultural Perspective
Watershed Events in Western Religions
Jane Austen: The Complexity of Her Art
Geographical Links: A Potpourri
Living Islam
More Shakespeare Off the Page
Conversations about Architecture
Art of Ceremony and Celebration
Science Tuesday on Friday


Fall 2010

Exploring the Operas of Massenet and Tschaikovsky
Energy and the Environment
The Development of the Individual Self
The Book of Genesis
The Material History of Medieval Europe
On The Campaign Trail-2010
Gustav Stickley and the Arts and Crafts Movement
The History of Modern China
Reading D. H. Lawrence
Latin American Politics and Development
From Innocence to Experience: Americans Abroad
Geographical Links – Landscapes
French Plays of the 1940s “Off the Page”
The Poetry of William Wordsworth
Science Tuesday on Friday

Spring 2010

Women’s Health
Speech Styles: From Real Life To Radio Life
Great Decisions 2010
Voices Of The American West
The Incomplete Ice Age
Preachers, Prophets, And Promoters
Late Works By Seasoned Poets
Film Noir And Popular Fiction
Understanding Islam
Victorian Poetry: Portrait Of An Age
5000 Years Of Chinese History And Culture
The Reformation
American Music Through The Ages
More Shakespeare Off The Page: Two Tales Of Twins
Geographical Links: Great River Basins Of The World
Science Tuesday On Friday
Art As A Mirror Of Cultural Upheaval



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