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What is the HomeFriends Program?

HomeFriends is a friendly visitor program for home-based seniors and disabled people. It was created by the Princeton Senior Resource Center in 1987 in response to a growing need for companionship and support for home-based elderly in Princeton and surrounding communities. The program is funded by the United Way of greater Mercer County as well as by individual and corporate donations.

HomeFriends Program

When people are home-based, whether for health reasons or because of life circumstances, it is normal for them to experience feelings of isolation, loneliness or depression. Some fear that when they can no longer drive, they cannot stay in their own homes. The purpose of the HomeFriends program is to alleviate these feelings by providing a link to the community and its resources, and to help with some of the smaller tasks of everyday living. HomeFriends tries to connect isolated individuals to the outside world and keep people independent in their own homes for as long as safe and practical.

How does the HomeFriends Program work?

Volunteers are interviewed and trained and then matched for such things as background, interests and geographical location. Volunteers visit for an hour or more a week and may do small errands if necessary. There is no charge for this service.

How can I enroll in the program?

Any person over 60 years of age who cannot leave home without assistance who resides in the Princeton Area is eligible for this free service. The program also serves disabled home-based adults. Priority is given to those without other local sources of support, such as family. If interested, call the HomeFriends Director at 252-2362 or 924-7108.

How do I become a volunteer?

Volunteers come from all ages and walks of life, but their similarity lies in their deep desire to help a home-based person. If you are compassionate, steadfast and welcome making a lasting commitment to work one-on-one with someone who needs your help, call the HomeFriends Director at 252-2362 or 924-7108.

Areas we serve:

Princeton Area. Other communities in Mercer County are served by Interfaith Caregivers. (609) 393-9922.

"Visiting part of the rhythm of life for my wife and me. Joan's eyesight is so poor, my wife helps her pay bills and order from catalogues. There is always something for me to do, like change lightbulbs, plant flowers or separate recycling. Just little things to make her life easier."

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