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Evergreen Forum

The Evergreen Forum is a peer led, continuing education program offering day time courses for interested adults of the Princeton area. Its main purpose is to provide group study opportunities on topics selected by the membership, emphasizing participation and interaction. The Forum operates under the auspices of the Princeton Senior Resource Center.

Each year, Evergreen Forum offers two semesters (Fall and Spring) of classes, lasting 8-10 weeks. A wide range of courses are offered, including science, literature, the arts, history, politics, sociology and other disciplines. Classes cost $55 for the first class and $35 for an additional class. Registration occurs during an open enrollment period, after which a lottery is held for over-subscribed classes.

The Evergreen Forum began in 2000 and continues to grow steadily, with an active and enthusiastic membership. We are a volunteer organization: course leaders are not paid, and the governing body is the voluntary Evergreen Forum Steering Committee. Participants are encouraged to consider teaching classes in areas of their experience and expertise.

For a listing of the upcoming courses, course descriptions, registration forms and more details, click here.

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