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Engaged Retirement - Beyond Financial Planning


People retiring today, whether voluntarily or through layoffs, can expect to live as long as 30-40 years in retirement. They are the most educated and healthiest group of retirees in history. This is also the first cohort to have large numbers of women retiring, especially managerial and professional women. Earlier generations of women were mostly homemakers.

Retirement is not the end, but rather the beginning of a new stage of life, and also may be the beginning of a whole new career, such as an encore job that give back to the community, or starting one’s own business. Some people may “retire” many times before they cease to work for income permanently.

However, retirement is a major life change.  Many people experience significant stress and even depression as a reaction to this change.  For women, it often means returning to the role of homemaker and (grand) child care.  Some welcome this role, while for many of the managerial and professional women, this is a role they previously rejected.

The transition is easier if some thought and planning is done before hand. Work provides certain benefits beyond remuneration: structure, status and identity, a sense of usefulness, social interaction. A satisfying retirement lifestyle will include activities that replace these work-related benefits. The following programs are available from the Princeton Senior Resource Center to help people make the transition to this new stage of their lives.


PSRC’s Engaged Retirement Programs are about lifestyle in retirement, not about financial planning.  Financial planning is the means to the end, not the end, which is a rewarding, satisfying next stage of life.

Introduction to Your Retirement This 90 minute workshop gives an overview of the many issues involved in lifestyle retirement planning and helps attendees begin to build their own plan.

Volunteering: Building a Resume for an Encore Career This presentation and workshop is designed for people who are planning to retire from one career and start an encore career, or for retired people who want to Introduction to Your Retirement This 90 minute workshop gives an overview of the many issues involved in lifestyle retirement planning and helps attendees begin to build their plans.

Engaged Retirement workshop This multi-session hands-on series helps attendees envision and plan the retirement of their own design.  Classes will include presentations, readings, exercises, and discussions to help people identify their goals and develop a concrete plan for achieving those goals.

Job Search Strategies for Older Workers Learn about the realities of the new job market and some strategies for competing in it, including updating your skills, networking, using the internet and avoiding job scams.

Engaged Retirement Speakers Series Monthly presentations by professionals in retirement and financial planning, civic engagement, making a mark on the world, and physical and mental well-being.

The individual presentations and the Speaker Series are offered free to the community at various venues in the area. See the Calendar of Events for currently scheduled presentations.

The multi- session Engaged Retirement Workshop is offered periodically at the Suzanne Patterson Building. Click here for the current schedule and registration form


PSRC is available to partner with organizations to provide pre-retirement programs and services to their employees. Two programs are available:

Lunch & Learn workshop is a single session “Intro” to retirement.  It explores some of the major issues facing new retirees and some of the options available to them, including volunteering and encore careers.

Multi-session workshops in which attendees explore their attitudes toward retirement, work, aging and managing transitions; identify their hopes and dreams; research options for this stage of life; and develop a plan for achieving their dreams.  This four session program is offered periodically at  PSRC and is available for in house presentation in your company.

For more information about Engaged Retirement programs, call Carol King or Susan Hoskins at the Princeton Senior Resource Center (609) 924-7108.


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